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Shikshanasuchi- A Venture of D&D'S Enterprises

The Education system in our nation is undergoing a tremendous change to meet global needs. The milestone in the education system depicts that from the Vedic period to today the changes that happened are overwhelming. There is a paradigm shift from teacher-centred to subject-centred to student-centred and activity-centred education. In our earlier times, the transaction between teacher and student indicated bipolar education. Later, this bipolar transformed into tripolar education. Tripolar refers to teacher, student and subject. Now, it is multipolar education. Multipolar education means the involvement of multiple dimensions in the system. In addition, the teaching and learning styles from chalk and talk and rote learning to the use of digital technology and conceptual understanding i.e., changed from the conventional mode of teaching to innovative teaching.

The enormous changes are to enhance 21st-century skills and meet the needs of diverse learners in an inclusive classroom. Despite all these advancements, no technology can replace teachers in the classroom. In this context, teachers’ training plays a pivotal role in the education system. The need-based training for the teachers is to make the classroom transaction at ease interactive and interesting.

Considering the scenario of the education system, we have planned to execute a new venture of teachers’ training under the title of Shikshanasuchi.

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Caring teaching fraternity


Improving the quality of teaching


Sharing of knowledge


Building a team


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